What to Bring for Walking and Trekking Holidays in Morocco

Traveler’s Equipment and Gear

Good personal equipment is fundamental to the success of your trip. The following section will give you a guide as to what equipment is necessary or advisable to have and to give a rough guide on what you may need to bring when packing for the trip. It is often difficult remember everything so we hope it helps to give a list of right equipment that you will need to prepare your travel bag and will be useful during your trip.

Day Back-pack

A hiking rucksack, light weight, 15 to 30 liters, this will be enough space as a day sack. Camera, sun cream, water bottle, warm top and some small part of the picnic will be the only necessary elements to carry during the trekking day.

Travel Bag

Soft travelling bag, without wheels 40 to 80 liters, a flexible bag is ideal when using pack mules and camels to carry bags as this does not harm their backs.

Walking Boots

You will need a good comfortable pair of walking boots with a rigid type sole with good grip. Make sure you have walked them in to help avoid blisters. Footwear is a main priority during the trekking days. Comfortable walking shoes or boots are recommended.

Luggage during the trek

During the trekking days, we use pack mules or camels to carry your bags and the weight of your baggage is limited. You luggage should not exceed 15 kegs. You can leave all items you don’t need at your hotel in Marrakesh and get them back when you go back to Marrakesh.

The walking sticks

The telescoping poles can be a valuable addition to hiking in the mountains. In descents and steeper hills, walking sticks can help you maintain stability and prevent you from slipping and injuring yourself.

Essential Clothing for Outdoor Activities

When packing for outdoor trips you will need to bring a mixture of comfortable travelling clothes light, easily washable, quick dry and some warm items for the evenings and cooler nights. Clothes should be easy to wash and dry. You can also bring some smarter clothes for evenings out in Marrakesh. Below a checklist of the essential equipment you may need during your holidays.

For the face, head and hands

  • Cap or sun hat for protection from the sun during the day walk
  • A cloth hat for evenings and cool nights
  • Sunglasses, Sunscreen cream and lip balm
  • Woollen gloves, stretch or silk ones.

For body and legs

  • T-shirts, polo shirt…
  • Long or short-sleeve shirts
  • Fleeces and base layers to keep you warm when away
  • Underwear clothes
  • Night clothes or sleepwear
  • Waterproof or Goretex jacket as it offers the advantage of protection against wind and rain
  • Tights are very useful for the evenings and are a good layer when sleeping.
  • Hiking trousers or pants, choose a very light material, quick drying…
  • Long Bermuda shorts for either men or women
  • Suitable clothing when you staying in cities or for the evening dining in restaurants

For the feet

  • Anti-blister socks for mountain hiking
  • Walking boots with good grip
  • Sandals or flip flops…

Miscellaneous items:

  • Plastic bags to keep equipment dry
  • Refillable water bottles or camelback
  • Travel sickness tablets
  • Camera with film or memory cards
  • Toiletries and sanitary items
  • Earplugs
  • Antibacterial gel
  • Small sewing kit (optional)
  • Knife, Swiss army knife (optional)
  • Reading books and games
  • A headlamp with batteries and spare bulb.
  • Scissors, nail clippers…
  • Binoculars for those who love watching birds…
  • Mobile phone – check you have international roaming access

First Aid Kit

When you take part in an expedition or travel adventure, it is essential to make up a small medical kit, including items you may need during your journey.

  • Your medicines prescribed by your doctor specifically for your trip.
  • Your usual medicines you take regularly when you are not travelling.
  • We recommend you carry with you a useful first aid kit.

The traveller’s First Aid Kit

  • Against pain and fever: Paracetamol tablet
  • Against nausea, vomiting and travel sickness: Domperidone…
  • Against diarrhea: Loperamide or Imodium tablet…
  • Against belly ache: antispasmodic Spasfon type
  • Against insect bites and allergy: both replellant cream-spray as well as anti-histamine ointment
  • Good sun cream with a protection factor strong enough for your skin type
  • Against insomnia troubles: product-based of Passiflora or Valerian
  • Against dry cough: medication containing Dextromethorphan
  • Against sore throat: antiseptic and anesthetic pastilles
  • Against Heartburn: antacids tablet or sachet
  • Against conjunctivitis: monodoses eye drops
  • Against wounds and injuries: disinfectants spray, single use gloves, a pair of scissors, tweezers, survival kit, sterile pads, gauze tape, adhesive tape and bandages, sticking plaster and dressing strips to close a wound.
  • Against blisters: plasters and surgical tape.
  • Against sprains and strains: anti-inflammatory ointment and Band-keeping type Cohéban, in case of haematoma we add an ointment Arnica.
  • All liquids needed for contact lenses if applicable or if you use glasses and have a spare pair to bring them too in case of breakage or loss.

Local Costums

Travelling in the destinations that we visit requires a good deal of understanding that often standards simply won’t be as they are at home. When travelling in town and villages, it is essential to dress appropriately to the culture of the region you intended to visit. Dressing correctly fosters contacts with local people. Bear in mind that too short, too bare and figure-hugging dress are often widely badly perceived in the Atlas Mountains and may shock local people and the local staff who accompany you.