Our Activities and Active Holiday Tours

A large choice of tours and activities to discover and to see what Morocco has to offer

The Kingdom of Morocco has some of the world’s most exciting and interesting holiday destinations. From the sight of a spectacular mountain panorama and the fragrance of colourful valleys to a refreshing dip in the Atlantic coast and from the bustling Medinas of the imperial cities to the quietness dunes of the Sahara desert, Morocco Private Tours guarantee you authentic holidays and carefully crafted innovative itineraries off-the-beaten track and away from the well-trodden tourist routes giving you the opportunity to see and discover some of the most fascinating places Morocco has to offer.

To discover the best of Morocco, we offer you different ways to go and can provide you with a large choice of unforgettable active holidays and varied range of activities and trips, anything from single day trip up to 3-weeks holiday. With Morocco Private Tours, you can travel at the pace and time that suits you to the places that interest you. Our Berber travel consultants will find the perfect journey to suit your budget and your expectations, depending on your individual needs and requirements. We will make your trip to Morocco a memorable experience and show you this lovely country the way it should be seen.

Whether you are travelling on foot, by camel or mule, in a 4×4 vehicle, on horseback or bike, our adventure professional tour guides will lead you away from the well-trodden tourist routes towards real adventure and help you experience just as much about the landscape as to the lifestyle of the locals, traditions and customs alongside the current everyday life.

Guided Group Tours

The best way to experience Morocco’s highlights, make new friends and learn about culture and locals is to go on a guided trip. Guided holiday tours are ideal for single travellers, small group of friends as well as curious couples who wish to tour with other like-minded people. Scheduled group tours are composed of 5 to 12 participants on average and are supervised by a professional Berber guide. On our range of guided group tours you will follow a route off the beaten track to discover new landscapes and unexpected encounters. Our expertise Berber companions ensure that you can have a very rewarding experience and will be happy to share with you their knowledge and passion for their so beautiful country. Holidays run all year round and can start on any day all lengths of holiday can be arranged.

Walking and Trekking Holidays

Morocco is a country rich in natural beauty and diversity of scenery and culture. It is a destination that offers some of the world’s greatest hikes and trekking adventure, with walks ranging from a full day tour to 3-weeks. Walking and hiking offer an excellent way to see the best of Morocco, to meet friendly people and to travel far from the well-trodden tourist routes through ever-changing wilderness trails.

When we go hiking in steep and mountain ranges of the High Atlas, we usually hire a team of muleteers with their pack mules to carry your luggages, food supplies and logistic necessary to install the camp. Instead of having to struggle along the trail with back packs heavily loaded, you will be able to enjoy easy hikes with campground facilities. The mules’ common sense and gentle manner make them an excellent pack animal and trail companion when hiking or trekking in the Atlas Mountains. Mules can carry 230 to 325 pounds. As we wind our way through a labyrinth of river valleys, Berber villages and mountain passes, the group does not remain with the caravan we take another route and we find each others at lunch time and in the evening at the campsite.

Holidays for Families with small children

Morocco Private Tours offers an inspiring range of fun getaways and holiday ideas for all the family which are suitable for adventurous families looking for an unforgettable experience and memorable vacation. Our active holidays for families are carefully designed to suit every age with children from 3 – 15 years old. We understand all the parental tricks and know what children like, that’s why our family holiday ideas include a wide range of activities that provide interest and amusement, fun and fascination for both kids and adults.

The family vacations we offer are thoughtfully planned and will take you to wonderful places where you can have a restful holiday with your kids and also have such a great family time, where you don’t have to rush off. We offer short camping treks for families, quad biking tours, camel treks, cultural tours and wildlife spotting holidays as well as special holidays for families with teenagers. Holidays with kids should not be too long, they should be relaxing, fun and full of interest for all and it is also important to treat the walk as a journey of exploration or new adventures and to go at the children’s pace. Our family holidays guarantee a perfect way to spend quality time with the kids.

Desert Camel Trekking

Trekking with camels accompanied by Berber nomadic cameleers and their caravan of pack-camels is the best way to discover the Sahara desert and to travel deep into the wilderness endless sand dunes as you have always imagined it to be. At Morocco Private Tours we offer rewarding desert experiences into remote and rarely visited locations of the Sahara desert, where you can savour the silence and peace that is only found in the desert as there is nothing around us and all we can hear are the footsteps of the camels on the soft sand.

The caravan is composed mainly of packsaddle dromadaries carrying the personal belongings, food, drinking water and the logistic required for a desert camel riding or trekking. On camel trek, guests can choose to walk, riding camels or combine both. Depending on the chosen trek, you will spend two nights or more in comfortable mobile tented camps, moving between your camping accommodations each day which is set up by your Berber crew. The cook is coming with you, who will prepare delicious meals throughout your journey, and baking Saharan bread in the warm sand. A camel trek and ride to the Sahara desert is definitely an experience everyone should have at least once in their lifetime.

Sahara Desert Tours

For keen travellers who would like to discover the Sahara desert, travel deep into the wilderness endless sand dunes as they have always imagined it to be and immerse themselves in a world different from the man-made one that they live in most of the time. Morocco Private Tours offers a wide range of wonderful and rewarding desert tours for all ages combining daily easy walks and scenic drives with plenty of time to enjoy the natural beauty and to explore the culture of the fascinating Southern Morocco, a land of pristine and incredibly varied landscapes that hasn’t changed for centuries and sometimes millennia.

Our guided tours to the Sahara desert will show you some of the most awe-inspiring and outstanding attractions South of Morocco has to offer. Here desert oases, picturesque crumbling kasbahs and Berber villages bear witness to a fascinating 5000 year-old culture. On these desert trips you will discover ever-changing landscapes, journey through several inspiring Berber towns and mud-built villages, walk through splendid date-palm oases, delve into Southern Morocco’s history and Berber culture and visiting iconic sights such as the Ait Ben Haddou fortified village, the Dades and Draa valley, the Todra gorge, the golden sand dunes of Merzouga and the Chegaga and Erg Mhazil sand dunes.

Mountain Biking Tours

For the more adventurous travellers looking for a memorable outdoor experience, Morocco Private Tours offers an inspiring wide range of quad biking adventure tours and rewarding wilderness quad bike expeditions off the beaten track to Morocco’s most scenic locations. All our quad biking tours are full of adventure, challenge and excitement with a variety of riding through spectacular scenery including rugged terrain of the High Atlas Mountain, water splashes, mud-built villages and lush oases of South Morocco, rough desert trails, endless sand dunes and more thrilling routes and tracks available to suit everyone. For quad-biking adventure fans, driving a quad bike will offer you the great way to discover the incredible variety of Morocco, its natural splendor and must-see places.

No previous experience is required to go on our quad bike tours, at Morocco Private Tours we cater to all levels of quad riding, for novice, experienced and expert riders offering something for everyone. After a short safety instruction and familiarisation training, our professional Berber guides specialised in motorbike will take you first on easy trails to help you building your confidence and skill before heading out along a breathtaking network of tracks and trails most appropriate for your ability and aspirations. Our quad biking tours are very easy, it’s just 30-minutes or half-day training is all you need then it’s GO…GO…GO

4WD Tours and Expeditions

Join us on an adventure 4×4 tour to some of the most remote, picturesque and challenging 4WD places that Morocco has to offer. Adventurous guests of all ages are welcome on our 4×4 tours and each comfortable and fully-equipped Jeep can take 4-5 people. The landscape we drive through varies from rugged mountainous terrain of the stunning High Atlas and lush oases of Southern Morocco to the barren landscapes, off-road and rough pistes of the Sahara desert. It is this sheer vastness that gives Morocco so much of its character and charm.

We at Morocco Private Tours offer a wide range of professionally organised adventure 4×4 tours in rented four-wheel vehicles with qualified drivers, self-driving or in own 4×4 vehicles that will take you to some of Morocco’s most unique and remote locations, exploring secluded and isolated areas few have the opportunity to see. With our 4×4 vehicles you will explore miles and miles of breathtaking landscapes and drive through vertiginous routes to reach undiscovered and difficult to access places, which you will never forget.

Incentive and Personal Events

Whether you are looking to organize a seminar or an incentive trip, special meeting, private event or other corporate event, Morocco Private Tours make everything easy, affordable and memorable. We offer a wide range of team building activities and vacations for groups of employees, entrepreneurs and associations with up to 300 guests. Based on your specific requirements, we will take you to visit the event locations, visit the hotels, check out the excursion possibilities and see the congress hall or conference room. With 15 years experienced knowledge and our wealth of logistical experience, we are able to organise your event helping you to enhance your professional image. Depending on your interests and requirements, Atlas Sahara Aventure has the necessary skills to effectively make your event successful, realise results and has a positive impact on everyone involved.

Honeymoon Holidays

A honeymoon is a special occasion, and should linger in the memory for a lifetime. Later in your life, you may have more exotic or truly wonderful vacations, but that honeymoon still always stand out as the perfect trip. You can select some wonderful destination packages if you have the notion to celebrate this event in the exotic Morocco or contact us to design a tailor-made itinerary around your interests and requirements, and help you travel to the destination of your choice. Morocco Private Tours we will make sure that your honeymoon trip will be just as you dreamed it and our travel consultants will support you from the planning phase onwards and put together a tour package tailored to your specific requirements and expectations.

Bird-Watching Tours

Endowed with remarkable natural beauty and biodiversity, Morocco contains a greater variety of bird species than any other Northern African country, offering a wider choice of birding tours in a very rich diversity of habitats that are often very different from those found in the neighbouring countries, with more than 325 species have been recorded in Morocco. Morocco Private Tours has more than nine years of birdwatching experience and offers travel packages for ornithological beginners and experienced birders. Whether you are a new birder, experienced, or just have a casual interest we offer guided birdwatching tours for small groups averaging just 8 or 10 guests and private birding tours can be tailored to your specific requests.

The kingdom of Morocco is an important stop for millions of migrant birds on their way to and from Europe and birders can always find something of interest throughout the year with more than 115 species considered regular winter visitors. All our birdwatching tours involve some odd hours and at a modest amount of physical activity, and we want all participants to understand fully what is required. Birds are most active during the early hours and all tours require gentle walking, sometimes for periods of up to seven hours. While the majority of our tours focus on birds and birding, many of our tour guides infuse their tours with knowledge of botany, geology, culture and history.

Cultural Guided Tours

The fascinating Kingdom of Morocco is incredibly rich in history, culture and natural heritage, breathtaking landscapes and sumptuous food. This wonderful country has become a vital destination for like-minded travellers looking for a memorable cultural tour and to discover the complex history of the bustling narrow and tiny labyrinth streets Medinas of the imperial cities that still alive despite their hundred years of old history. We offer a unique range of carefully crafted tours for groups with a smaller number of participants to ensure a more personal experience that focus on local culture, history, must-see attractions and local people.

Accompanied by one of our specialist lecturers who will share with you their knowledge in subjects ranging from art, architecture, gardens, archaeology and history, you will travel back a thousand years into the past and immerse yourselves into the deep history and prestigious heritage of various dynasties that played important roles throughout the history of the Morocco’s kingdom, giving you an excellent insight into the luxurious life and reveals the secrets of these dynasties and unique charm of their historical, architectural and cultural heritage surrounded by fascinating monuments and breathtaking sites in which mingle the mythic and the artistic.

Day Tours and Excursions

Whether you looking for a day trip to explore the High Atlas Mountains and visit the Berber villages, an excursion to discover the wonderful Essaouira or Casablanca, a day trip to visit the Ouzoud waterfalls or simply a guided tour to explore the bustling Medina, must-see monuments and lively Souks of Marrakesh… we are able to organize every aspect of your private day tour based on your needs, budget and specific requirements. With our extensive years of experience at organising day trips and getaway tours we will make your time in Morocco an unforgettable experience and show you Morocco the way it should be seen.

Departing from Marrakesh, Fez, Rabat or Casablanca, the sightseeing day tours and day-trip packages we offer take you on fascinating routes and to some of the top destinations and attractions situated a couple of hours driving from the city of Marrakesh. A wide range short breaks, allowing you to explore Morocco’s natural beauty and diversity of cultures. Just explore our website and browse our outstanding selection of day tours and if you cannot find what you are looking for, simply tell us what you want to do on your holiday and we can tailor-make and design your ideal sightseeing day tour that gives you the opportunity to savour the best of Morocco, with a trip to suit every taste, time-frame and budget.

Horseback Riding Holidays

The horse riding holidays we offer will give you the chance to discover the authentic Morocco like the early explorers did, when horses were the fastest way to travel across the country. For over 12 years, we have gained considerable experience and have arranged a wide choice of horseback trips throughout Morocco for all levels of riding. In the cooler months, from October to April we offer riding trips to the Sahara desert and South of Morocco. During spring and summer, our selection of horseback trips will take passionate horse riders into the high Atlas Mountains, across Atlas lower valleys or along Morocco`s Atlantic coastline and its endless beaches interspersed with fishing villages, sand dunes and rocky peaks offering panoramic views over the ocean.

The horses in Morocco are magnificent, pure and cross bred Arab-Barb mare and stallion horses are normally used for the equestrian trips. Our perfectly trained horses, have been used and tested over many years to make sure they are reliable and accustomed to hiking in the mountains, through the Sahara desert or on the Atlantic coast trails. All our horses are spirited, clever and sociable, they are easy to control, but like all horses with Arabian roots, they are fast and sensible and ask some tact. We at Morocco Private Tours work hard to guarantee you the most authentic and remarkable horse-riding experiences in Morocco.

Tailor-Made Holidays

A tailor-made journey is the ideal travel solution for small groups of friends, couples, families or clubs looking to travel to Morocco at their own pace. Choosing a custom-made holiday is a great way to make sure that your complete trip will be designed around your interests and requirements, so you can travel at your own pace to the destination of your choice. Whether you want from your holidays, we believe that your trip to Morocco should be truly unforgettable. So the detailed knowledge of MPT Berber guides can help you with much care and attention to every detail to create the ideal itinerary that suits your needs and budget, advising and helping you to select the best possible accommodation, guide and journey to suit all your tastes. All information can be given and questions answered by e-mail or telephone, so don’t hesitate to contact for further

Private Group Tours

For small or large groups looking for a private journey to Morocco, our private touring holidays are carefully designed so you can enjoy the ultimate flexibility and freedom of a tour itinerary to experience Morocco on your own pace. Morocco Private Tours can organize private departures for groups of friends, for families or hiking clubs offering something for all ages, interests and abilities. A private group tour is run exclusively for you with no other strangers. You choose the date you travel and we will make all of the arrangements.

Take a look at our suggested experiences, accommodations and itineraries shown on our website to find lots of ideas for where and when to go, what to do and where to stay and start planning the holiday that suit your time, interests and budget. With individual itineraries, local expertise and exceptional service with real knowledge and high attention to details you can be sure that Atlas Sahara Aventure can create the perfect holiday for you.

Self-guided and Self-drive Tours

For keen travellers looking for a self-guided or self-drive holiday to Morocco, Morocco Private Tours can arrange everything to suit your own interests and preferences from planning the routes, booking your hotel accommodations and private vehicle or hire car, arranging all luggage transfers and carrying your gear during the trekking days in the Atlas Mountains. Our self-guided touring holidays are carefully designed and offer the same quality, service and comfort of our guided trips, the only difference is that with self-guided tours you are the guide.

With many years’ experience in arranging self-guided and self-drive tours, you can enjoy the ultimate flexibility and freedom of self-guided holidays to experience Morocco on your own pace and around your own personal agenda. Whether your are travelling with your family to share one of life’s greatest experiences together or you enjoy going on holiday as a group of best friends who want to get away together to discover the wonderful Morocco.

Provided and Necessary Logistic

During the outdoor activities, all our itineraries are supported by a vehicle follower, pack-mules or camels. Instead of having to struggle along the way with back packs heavily loaded with the barest of necessities, your personal belongings and the necessary logistic for the chosen trip are transported from campsite to campsite by the means of transport best suited to the terrain where the journey takes place. Therefore, you only need to take with you what is necessary for that day and you will be able to enjoy your activity with campground facilities.

For walking and trekking holidays, Sahara desert tours and camel trekking, mountain biking tours, quad biking adventures, horse-riding journeys, birdwatching tours… Mobile tented camping is the most practical option to discover some of Morocco’s most breathtaking scenery and wilderness areas. At the end of each walking, riding or sightseeing day, there is nothing quite like arriving to your camp in the afternoon after an exhilarating day. You will find that your ever-friendly Berber crew have everything in hand. Tents set up, afternoon tea or coffee and food ready to go. With the sights and sounds of nature close at hand, our private camp provides the ideal accommodation for lovers of the great outdoors. Personal attention and care is of high importance here in our camps, the friendly Berber staff will go to their extremes to ensure that you have a wonderful, satisfying and memorable stay and everything is done at your leisure.

Food is an important aspect of our trips and well-balanced meals which are varied and of good quality as we realise that it is an important part of the holiday to experience meals that are not only well-balanced and healthy to support all the outdoor activities on offer, but also to help you discover Morocco through its famous cuisine. Delicious food is certainly one of the highlights of travelling in Morocco and every meal is a new page in Moroccan gastronomy symbolising a culinary heritage that is our pride. Each of our trips is accompanied by a trained Berber cook who prepares excellent three hearty meals each day and all meals are always prepared and cooked to meet the highest standards of hygiene.