Responsible Tourism and Environment Ethics

Working toghether to preserve our planet and make a change

Tourism bridging the gap between different cultures and civilisations, it is an act of mingling peoples and cultures, and responsible tourism will open your eyes to the others and give you a close insight into their way of life. We believe we have a responsibility to the local people we employ and to the environment and wildlife in the areas we are travelling through. We really hope everyone wishing to visit wonderful places also adopts responsible and sustainable tourism ethos. We truly understand that we cannot change the world but we do believe that even the smallest contribution counts and the following information details how we go about achieving this.

Responsible travel is about bringing you closer to local cultures and environments by involving directly local people in tourism. Travel may bring also many benefits to both the travellers and the places visited, such as discovering different cultures, wonderful natural beauty and contributing to the local economy. However, in some cases, tourism and non responsible travellers can have a negative impact on local communities and their environment as: local people may be exploited and their environment and valuable resources damaged.

Holiday Tour Packages of Morocco Private Tours

Our holiday packages and group tour itineraries are skilfully designed for like-minded travellers who sharing a dream to improve local lives and respect the resources of the area they would like to discover. We constantly offer sustainable travel experiences with thoughtfully designed trips, blending cultural and history insights, memorable adventures and responsible travel. With Morocco Private Tours, you ensured to travel off-the-beaten-track, have unforgettable experiences and excellent services with our personal touch.

We believe responsible tourism is the better way to see the world, not only do you get more authentic experiences, but your holiday benefits local people and the environment. Travelling with Morocco Private Tours simply means holiday tours that improve welfare of the local communities and respect their culture as well as wildlife conservation and the environment.

Morocco Private Tours Ultimate Objective

Being concerned about climate change and global warming, Morocco Private Tours and the whole team are firm supporters of responsible and sustainable tourism and have been both practicing and promoting this philosophy since the company began to operate. Constantly we are taking responsibility and making tourism more sustainable.

We constantly take into account the risk of contributing to the exploitation of local communities, natural resources and wildlife. Therefore, the responsible tourism we adopt is about encouraging businesses to take the lead, invest time and resources to protect the environment and live harmoniously with the local communities living in the areas we operate from.

Morocco Private Tours and its whole staff are committed to promoting management practices and alternative green solutions that help keep destinations intact with memorable experiences for our guests. Our motto wherever we travel is « Take only photographs and leave only footprints » and guests hoping to travel with us should adopt the same philosophy.

Human Value and Local Economy

Essential key to any Morocco Private Tours holiday is the chance to encourage positive interaction with local people and sustainable tourism activities, in order to foster mutual respect and creating economic benefits for the local communities.

Far from the purely commercial tourism, we prefer to favour the respect of human values and enhance the economical development projects, leads to the essential balance for a life quality of local populations. We are working to promote socially responsible and economically sustainable tourism practices across the regions we are visiting. Ever since we started organising holiday tours to Morocco, we are committed to :

  • Ensure our local guides and staff are treated well and paid a fair wage
  • Encourage positive relations based on the respect of human dignity
  • Provide health and safety training for the job they do
  • Be an economic benefit to the communities visited
  • Encourage shopping in local markets and buying locally produced goods
  • Provide employment for local people by using local guides and trekking crew services
  • Give safe working environment that does not involve dangerous practices
  • Give practical support to our operations teams and managers
  • Supporting initiatives that improve working practice and conditions
  • Develop valuable and professional relationships which enable us to create outstanding travel opportunities

The Cultural Wealth

At Morocco Private Tours, we understand that the tourism business should be designed so as to allow supervision and development of cultural traditions, local crafts and national heritage sites, and not causing their standardization and impoverishment. Our responsible tourism policy aims to encourage positive encounters with local people, understanding their cultural differences, alongside ensure that sufficient attention is drawn to the local traditions and customs. At Morocco Private Tours we are committed to :

  • Ensure that all travel holidays to Morocco is conducted in a way that is socially and culturally sound
  • Plan our holidays in a way which maximises the opportunity to meet local people
  • Plan holidays giving an insight into the local culture and current everyday life
  • Engage to present discussions on all aspects about the history and culture of the visited regions
  • Encourage our guests respecting local codes of conduct regarding dress, and in accordance with the local norms
  • Brief our clients on the significance of local customs, traditions and religion
  • Encourage and initiate contact with local people as much as possible
  • Ask permission before taking photos. We don’t condone giving money for photos
  • Create charity trips where we and our clients can offer more support to the communities visited
  • Ensure that gifts customers bring for local people are presented in an appropriate situation
  • Oppose giving directly to children as this may encourage begging

Environmental Conservation

Ultimate duty for Morocco Private Tours and all those involved in tourism development to protect the environment and natural resources as part of the main objective for responsible and sustainable tourism. However we do, we are aware that we are having an impact on the environment. The whole team of Morocco Private Tours endeavours to minimise this impact by travelling in small groups who make less impact than big ones.

Wherever possible, we engage in projects and activities that not only make the environment sustainable but contribute to improving and conserving it. Our code of conduct ensures we have a positive influence on the environment and continuously make the respect for the nature and the environment our ethos by committing to :

  • Respect the local environment and encourage visitors to respect it too
  • Look out for hotels that use more sustainable resource
  • Ensure that gas is used for cooking, instead of wood, on all our camping holidays
  • Encourage our guests that water should always be used sparingly
  • Advise clients to turn lights, TV and fans off when not in their room
  • Ensure that vehicles we use on tours should not cause more than average pollution
  • Ensure the correct disposal of rubbish, burn, bury or pack it out
  • Ensure our campsites are clean and our rubbish is carried
  • Encourage customers to avoid accepting plastic bags for purchases in shops
  • Encourage visitors to carry away their own personal rubbish and never drop litter
  • Ensure the respect of ancient monuments and local heritage
  • Never pick up stones, fossils or pottery shards
  • Leave plants to flourish in their natural environment, do not collect or take anything away
  • Never buy, collect or trade in wildlife products
  • Be aware of local laws regarding purchase and export of antiquities
  • Reduce, reuse and recycle
  • Ensure we offset the carbon produced by flights
  • Adhere to rules and regulations inside protected areas…

On walks, we suggest a voluntary behaviour where customers take plastic bags and collect a few pieces of litter from the trail and dispose of it at the end of the walk, leaving the environment cleaner than when we found it and our tour leaders and guides do this regularly.

Morocco Private Tours is committed to working and promoting continuously in an environmentally friendly way, and actively makes sure all the trip packages on offer have as little impact on the environment as possible. We use dedicated campgrounds, and ensure toilet and washing facilities do not contaminate water supplies. All litter is removed and recycled where possible.