Atlas Sahara Explore

A trusted local company that offers well-panned trips and best services

Atlas Sahara Explore is a fully licensed, insured and environmentally-friendly Moroccan travel agency based in Marrakesh. With over 16 years of experience leading small group tours, we at ASE specialized in arranging authentic holidays and carefully crafted innovative tour itineraries off-the-beaten track and away from the well-trodden tourist routes. At Atlas Sahara Explore, we organize walking and hiking tours to the High Atlas Mountains, Camel treks and Sahara desert tours, Mountain biking tours, Adventure Quad bike tours, family holidays, cultural sightseeing tours, Marrakech day trips, Birdwatching tours, horse-riding trips, tailor-made tours and luxury journeys and deluxe tented camps throughout morocco.

The company was established by 2 professional Berber guides. After 16 years of solid experience guiding guests of different ages – from 3 up to 80 years – all round morocco and from over the world, Mouha and Hassan have decided to create their own travel company so as to show morocco the right way it should be seen. We offer best tour packages and tailor-made tours to keen travellers interested in visiting Morocco and looking for a Moroccan ultimate vacation, authentic experiences and forever memorable holidays. We at Atlas Sahara guarantee the best holidays in Morocco and unforgettable memories you will treasure for a long time and above all you will be in great hands throughout your holiday tours in Morocco.

Far from the purely commercial tourism, our ultimate objective is to make our guests discover real morocco, meet the friendly locals and go home truly satisfied with an unforgettable experience and wonderful memories that last for long time. We personally manage, run our company and guide groups all round the country at the same time. As we deal directly with suppliers our guests have access to the best rates available, complemented by our specialised knowledge and reliable services while offering true value for your money.

More about Atlas Sahara Explore

Ultimate goal of Atlas Sahara

At Atlas Sahara Explore, we are very proud to be one of the best local travel companies that offer reliable and the best possible services to its guests whilst travelling in Morocco alongside giving an insight into Moroccan culture, cuisine, traditions and natural beauty of Morocco. It is right that every one works to earn a living and we at Morocco Private Tours works hard to offer you rewarding and remarkable holiday experiences and to show our guests real Morocco the way it should be seen. Throughout our journeys we always aim to make our valuable clients discover our wonderful country in general and Berber culture, traditions and current everyday life in particular.

Local Team and Crews of ASE

Atlas Sahara Explore is formed by a knowledgeable and dynamic team, mainly Berber native people. Our tour leaders, managers and local staff are the selected crew from the regions you will be visiting. They are here because of their native experience and detailed knowledge. During your journey, they share the experience of their lives, alongside with their influences and beliefs, which provide a deeper understanding of the local culture and traditions. At Atlas Sahara Explore, we are very proud of our Berber staff who brings diverse talents to form a dedicated team who ensures that you discover Morocco the right way it should be seen and guarantee that all our trips run smoothly and give you unforgettable travel experiences.

Guides and Tour Leaders of ASE

Atlas Sahara Explore skilled local guides represent the real image of morocco and our company, thanks to our valuable guides our list of friends and family grew exponentially and the reputation of the Atlas Sahara Explore experience grew with it. Our tour guides are amongst the most experienced and knowledgeable guides in Morocco most have worked as mountain and desert guides for at least a decade and they all receive ongoing and in-service training. They are without exception extremely dedicated and highly professional and speak very good to excellent English as well as French, Germany and Spanish. They have all attended first aid courses relating specifically to potential problems at high altitude and in remote places and are knowledgeable about local culture, customs and history which they never hesitate to sharing with guests.

Companion staff on tours and treks

Atlas Sahara Explore employs hundreds of locals all round the year. Cooks, assistants, drivers and camphands… the majority of them have a long professional career working in tourism industry over 25 years. They are an integral part of the success of each journey since they offer not only their tremendous local knowledge but also understanding needs and wishes of our guests on walks with valuable knowledge of trekking routes. All the companions’ staff have attended courses in basic first aid and hygiene as well as annual in-service training, they are also the successful key of all our journeys and adventure trips.

Local Crews of muleteers and cameleers

Their wealth of detailed knowledge and experience make them excellent trip companions when hiking or trekking in diverse regions of Morocco. The most of our itineraries are usually supported by a crew of muleteers and camel-drivers with their pack animals they carry your luggage, food supplies, logistic and all necessary camping equipment. All our muleteers and cameleers are Berber natives’ mostly nomadic people. Instead of having to struggle along the way with back packs heavily loaded with the barest of necessities, therefore you will be able to enjoy easy to moderate walks and hikes with campground facilities.

Commitment of Atlas Sahara

  • Offering you the best and reliable possible services
  • Offering you a 24-hour travel support before, during and after the trip
  • Guarantee you will have an amazing time travelling with us
  • Providing professional and experienced guides during your journey with us
  • Providing a variety of reliable air-conditioned vehicles available for tours and transport
  • Take care of all your travel arrangements
  • Be at your service and give you all information you may need about your selected trip
  • Select the best possible and comfortable accommodations to suit your needs
  • Create the ideal itinerary that suits your interests and budget
  • Making your trip an unforgettable experience that lasts in mind for long time
  • Showing you morocco the way it should be seen
  • Satisfying all our guests as possible as we can
  • Preserve the beauty of our rich natural and cultural heritage

Founding managers of Atlas Sahara Explore


Is a Moroccan tour guide with over 18 years of experience in leading small group tours all over morocco. Born in the High Atlas Mountains and descended from a nomadic Berber family called the Ait Atta nomadic tribe, from father to son.  In 2003, Mouha was recognized by the ministry of tourism when he got his diploma of a Mountain and Sahara desert tour guide. For over eighteen years, he has guided successfully thousands of guests throughout morocco, more than 70 nationalities with an emphasis on safety, fun and cultural exchange. Mouha works hard excited to offer his clients the complete adventure of a lifetime, and will be happy to show his wonderful country and mainly the Berber culture the right way it should be seen.